The Performer - Immersive Courses


4 floats sessions (1.5 Hours Each)
4 lights (1 Hour Each)
Affirmation Practices & Goal Visualization
1 one on one Chakra analysis report
1 chakra balancing meditation (which can be practiced at home for 21 Days)

Duration: 8 Weeks

Today’s performers have lots of issues regarding performance anxiety and the stress levels they cope with. It is impossible for the human mind to be always in a Flight or Fight response. This process is structured especially for the performers, (sports or otherwise) to cope with high levels of performance pressure.
Visualization techniques help the performer to achieve goals that are impossible to achieve without the positive conditioning of the mind. While the float and light make you more relaxed and sharp in your skills, the no dimensions technique makes your mind muscle neurochemistry stronger to make you succeed in most adverse conditions.