Auction Management System with PHP MySQL (Documentation Attached Inside)

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Cutting edge design work.

complete documentation with DFD (data flow diagram)

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Features OF admin

Login for admin

edit profile of admin

change pass for admin

logout functionality

adding new auction item

editing auction item

view detail of biding by customer

deleting auction items


Feature of the auction site on customer point of view

any customer can bid on an item

every customer will have a wallet or balance to bid on items. (balance will be deducted after placing a bid on an item)

the user can add money to the wallet or increase the balance.

Auction winner will be selected automatically (biggest bidder will win).

the auction will have a starting time and closing time.

the user can log in and register as a new user.

the user can sell a product.

the user can set a time frame for how long the auction will last long.