All time Eggfree Cupcakes

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All time cupcakes !! EGG FREE
Learn 5 different cupcakes with decorations that can be served in parties or any festivity.
Flavors that You will learn-
1. Classic vanilla butter cream cupcake
Butter cream and vanilla base is the most classic combination served since ages.
Learn the perfect soft vanilla sponge and beautiful buttercream decorations on it.

  1. Irish coffee cream
    Chocolate and Irish coffee blends perfect with each other so here is the combination ,learn the moist ,gooey chocolate sponge along with Irish coffee mousse and add an exotic flavor to your menu.

  2. Bon-fire cupcakes
    Bonfire is a lit combination ,as orange and chocolate is a heavenly combo.
    Learn fruity citric orange sponge which will surely refresh your Palette along with chocolate ganache icing decorated in bonfire theme so that you can learn how you can incorporate themes to the cupcakes.

  3. Banoffee cupcakes
    Learn the perfect banana flavored sponge along with tips which are useful to handle whipped cream and perfect toffee caramel which is the heart of banoffee flavor.

  4. Mojito cupcakes
    Learn this most loved mocktail cupcake ,with a velvety base which can also be called green velvet base ,you can also create any color in this velvet texture along with cream cheese icing that hits your Palette as much as this mocktail.

5 different flavored cupcakes
5 different decorations/frostings
Lifetime Access.