Foundation course in chocolates and designer bars

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Curriculum: foundation course in chocolates and designer bars
Master the art of chocolate tempering, crystal migration and cocoa butter behavior and making perfect bars.
Learn three methods of tempering:
Ice bath method
Tabling method
Seeding method
Understand the cocoa butter crystals migration pattern and behavior of different crystals relative to temp changes. You will get to know how it impacts the final product on texture and finish. This understanding will help you create beautiful finished perfect texture chocolates.
Small details about temperature management while working and other precautions.
Learn storage and transportation intercity especially in summers.
Working with basic plastic molds and polycarbonate.
Learn to create two tone highlighted designs and luster dust application
Learn to fill molds with precision and flood fill method, what to take care when doing topical fillings
How to color chocolate and add essences and make marbled patterns.
Learn how to make designer – customized chocolate bars.