21 Days Weight Loss Solution

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Turn around your weight loss issues in just 21 days. Find foods which are actually causing weight gain. Foods which are causing bloating, gasses and other digestion related issues. If you can dedicate your 21 days to find out the answer to your question, you can take control of your weight loss also.

This 21 days solution is based on type of foods harm you, type of foods health you and how to identify that?

Week1: Detox meal plan
In week one of this plan we remove all food items which actually affect our health negatively. Detox your body with the help of healthy fruits, juices and vegetables. This will help you in restoring your health.

Week2: Lasts for 15 days
Exclude foods such as wheat, soybean, eggs from diet. Learn how they are harming. They prevent you from losing weight. Substitute the foods with healthy options. Continue this for 2 week. Note down your observations.

Week 3: Reintroduce foods
In this week add up foods which we excluded for past 3 weeks. Note down you are feeling? Feeling bloated? Or start gaining weight etc. Based on this Continue with your further plan.

Within these 21 days you will get:
1. A key to weight loss
2. Learn which foods are harming you
3. Which foods are causing brain fog, dullness, fatigue etc.
4. Foods you need to avoid and include.
5. Start losing weight.
6. Know how to lose weight further and be in shape with this strategy.

All this is possible only if you are determined. Take a control on your health and bring in that change.