Quick Byte Meal Plan

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Excess consumption of 100 calories on daily basis results in weight gain for 1 kg in one months' time. These excess 100 calories can come from your extra roti / 2 biscuit / cookies / piece of chocolate or even 2 cups of tea. How would you control this?
Having fit body, tuck in belly and glowing skin is you birth right. Right nutrition will help you in achieving that. To make that happen you are just a step away.
Apply for Special Healthy Meal 1500Kcal Diet Plan. You can avail this 1500Kcal diet plan here.
• This plan includes complete one month meal options.
• Complete family can follow the plan
• Quick and easy options to include in daily diet.
• Which food items you can consume for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
• What all fruits you can consume within your two meals.
• Vegetarian Or Non vegetarian Options included. Follow this plan along with daily workout

What Few clients are saying about Quick Byte Meal Plan:
Being on panned diet is best part. You just don’t have to think about what to eat next. Thanks Divya for coming up with this. - Poonam, Bangalore
Getting healthy meal options from my available food and grocery is fun. I keep my self prepared by weekend for coming week. And its done. Whole I am tension free - as I am taking just healthy food.
- Sapna Jain, Mumbai.

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