Comprehensive Quants+LRDI Combo Course for CAT

₹ 4,999

Quants Course Details
Salient Features:
1.Regular Live Whatsapp + Video classes 3 days a week

2.Personalised Student Portal for Easy Access

3.Total 60 Sessions of 1.5 hrs each covering in details from very basics to advanced level
Numbers : 10 Sessions
Algebra : 15 Sessions
Geometry: 15 Sessions
Arithmetic: 10 Sessions
Modern Maths: 10 Sessions

4.70 Unique Concept videos covering tough concepts like AM>=GM, Cauchy Theorem etc

5.Chapter-wise study material (Pdf) covering questions from varying levels of difficulty

6.150+ Timed Sectional tests to be provided after completion of each topic. These tests have helped
students alot in enhancing there speed. (New)

7.Collation of 75 Dirty Arithmetic Questions from Past Mocks With Detailed Solutions

8.Easy access to videos and study material through personalised Dashboard for each candidate

9.Videos can be watched any no of times and are valid till 31st jan, 2021

10.Separate Whatsapp group for doubt clearing by Qa Experts and one group for QA tricks

11.Flexibility to attend classes in multiple batches (For Revision)

12.Pdf of 200 (MRQs) Mocks replica questions will be provided.

13.24 × 7 doubt clearing facility by directly pinging the faculty via whatsapp

14.Regular Rapid Fire Sessions to be conducted ones the course gets completed Individual attention provided to each student due to batch size of 40 Students only

QA course Price:
3999/- Only

LRDI Course Details:
Salient Features
1.Live video sessions 2 days a week (2hrs) covering complete syllabus with tricky sets(Recording of the same will be available)

2.70 Unique Concept Videos (can be watched any no of times)

3.40 LRDI Sets Handouts (20 DI, 20 LR) for practice with solutions.

4.Whatsapp group for regular doubt clearing by LRDI Experts

5.Live doubt clearing sessions every 15 days

6.Past Mocks Live Sets Discussion

7.150+ Topicwise tests covering LRDI Sets

8.Unlimited sectional test generator

  1. Doubt Clearing

So, Guys As now in CAT, LRDI acts as a game changer, so its best time to start early and enroll for this course.
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LRDI Course Price: 3999/-

QA +LRDI Combo @ 5999/- Only

3D Learning Academy Results
(All 3 Sections)

CAT QA Results

  1. Sai Krishnan- 98.98%tile

  2. Nikhil Garg - 98.66%tile

  3. Sarthak Shah - 98.44%tile

  4. Sindhu - 97.99%tile

  5. Sriniketh - 97.94%tile

  6. Jagannath - 97.88%tile

  7. Bijayeta - 97.67%tile

  8. Abhishiek - 97.57%tile

  9. Yash - 97%tile in CAT 18 from 55%tile in CAT 2017

  10. Lakshmideep - 96.91%tile

  11. Rohan - 96.80%tile

  12. Arpit - 96.72%tile

  13. Eswanth - 96%tile

  14. Sunil: 95.95%tile in CAT 18 From 87%tile in CAT 17

  15. Kamal Taunk - 95.57%tile

16.Vineeth: 95.23%tile

  1. Sarvesh Rawat - 95%tile

CAT LRDI Results

  1. Mohan: 97.50%tile

  2. Umang: 97%tile

  3. Sindhu: 95.05%tile

  4. Ashish: 95%tile

  5. Santoshi: 94%tile


VARC Course is powered by Word Pandit (Prashant Chaddha)

  1. Nilesh : 99.99%tile

  2. Surabhi: 99.91 (VA XAT)

2.Job Simon:98.76%tile (from 84%tile)

  1. Shresth Gupta

  2. Mauz Hyder: 98.33%tile

  3. Nainika: 98.33

  4. Sourav Mishra: 96.57

Exception Results

Varc 84%tile from 44%tile last Year

NMAT 2018 Results

  1. Rohan: 238

  2. Utkarsh 228

  3. Sai Krishnan T 224

  4. Karthik: 222

  5. Vineeth: 217

  6. Deepak: 214

  7. Vivek: 213

  8. Saksham: 212

Exceptional Results

Abhishiek: From 55%tile in Qa in Cat 2017 to 94.4%tile in CAT 18

Vineeth: From 68%tile in Cat 17 Qa to 95.23%tile in Cat 18

Sprith: From 65%tile in CAT 16 to 91% tile in CAT 17

Deepak: 70%tile in Qa CAT 17 to 96%tile in CAT 18 (Qa)

B-School Calls Many of our students got the Calls from top 15 B-Schools:

●IIM A, B, C K- Sindhu

●New IIMs - Sindhu,

●SP Jain- Deepak

● IIFT- Vineeth

● XLRI - Vineeth

●NMIMS Mumbai - ( Saksham, Deepak, Rohan, Utkarsh, Vivek, Sai Krishnan)

●SIBM Pune - Sindhu, Utkarsh

350+ Enrollments for CAT so far!

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