Business Vikasyatra (Gujarati) - Sanjay Shah Seminar

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In this very useful Gujarati seminar, Business Coach and Motivational Speaker Sanjay Shah ( explains the principles guiding an entrepreneur on the road towards business growth, in very simple language. The concepts explained are equally applicable to any small or big business. For any businessman working towards growing his business, this seminar can surely provide some very valuable guidance.

Duration of the seminar : Approx 1 hour 40 minutes.

Some of the key take-aways of this very useful seminar:

1) How can businessmen maintain their peace of mind in front of the business challenges and keep a focus on growing their business?
2) What are the current realities in the business environment and what can we learn from them?
3) What are Mission, Vision, Values and Strategy?
4) How can Mission, Vision, Values and Strategy impact and help any business, small or BIG?
5) What a businessman must keep in mind while trying to Grow his business?