Futures and Options Made Easy (FOME) - Pune GEO

₹ 21,240

Seminar Objectives

•It is a two-day workshop which covers basics of Futures & Options along with basic &
dvanced trading strategies with practical.
•Basics of Futures & Options
•Basic & advanced trading strategies with practicals
•Re-cap of TA with some finer points
•What is Derivatives Market?
•Why Trade in Derivatives Market? What are the advantages?
•What are Futures?
•More about Futures – Contract, Pros & Cons, Margins Limits etc.
•Futures Trading Strategies – Technical base / Positions base / Options base
•What are Options?
•Option Types – When to choose what?
•Options Premium – The Key Determinants
•Options Analysis & Trading Strategies vis-a-vis market situations (sideways vs
•Decision on Buying vs. Selling an Option
•When to choose what? (i.e. whether to trade Option or Future or Both?)
•Hedging & Spread Strategies to maximize profit with minimal risks
•Strategies for neutral technical views
•Strategies for choppy / uncertain markets
•Key technical indicators to help you filter your decisions
•Rules of the game – Do’s and Don’ts
•Market ahead and trading picks
•If time permits – Introduction to Elliot Wave Principle

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