Pay Attention to Price Action (PAPA) - Hyderabad -2

₹ 21,240

In PAPA you learn

Quick recap of TA and concepts learnt in SMM seminar

How to combine candlestick patterns with other indicators and systems to spot key reversals
How to use candlestick patterns to derive major support and resistances
How to distinguish between various engulfing patterns to IGNORE a buy/sell signal. For e.g. every bullish engulfing pattern or a hammer might not be a good buy signal
How and when to use specific patterns like morning star, dojis, harami etc
How to combine certain patterns (e.g. hammers) with other indicators like EMAs and Bollinger Bands to improve your success rate
New candlestick patterns and types which you can to your repertoire
((How) to use) candlestick patterns for effective money management to minimise losses
Market View : Markets going forward! Now that we are at major juncture in Nifty/Sensex, How should an investor / trader approach the market!?

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