Ultimate WebView Android App Source Code

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Ultimate WebView source code makes it easier to convert website into Android App. Now you can use our highly customized code to create advance Android App for yourself.

The Ultimate WebView App Features:

-Material Design
-Admob (Banner & interstitial)
-FCM (Firebase push notification)
-On click of ShareDialog you can choose whether to share PlayStore App link or website link
-Documentation updated with more deails
-Youtube videos won't play in background to support Youtube policy
-No Admob banner and interstitial ads will be shown on Youtube video link to support Youtube policy
-Basic upload feature in website is now supported
-Internet not available screen now has try again button
-Pdf will load within App itself
-Splash screen
-Customized Navigation Menu
-Share Dialog
-Support video (youtube, Vimeo etc)
-Intent to open sms, phone, emails or Map
-Open link internally, external browser or in other external App
-Map search
-Map address
-Download Manager
-Rate my app prompt
-Google Firebase analytics tracking
-Pull to refresh
-Local HTML pages
-Runtime permission
-Actionbar with unlimited color theme possibility
-Support javascript, HTML5 and other standard web technology
-Custom Offline handling
-Multi language support
-Download Manager
-Supports from Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and newer.
-Confirmation exit message via Snackbar or Toast
-Error Handling
-Multiple Language Support
-Support Responsive Design in Mobile and Tablet
-Handle portrait and landscape change correctly
-Support target="_blank" link of Website in Ultimate WebView App

On Purchase Here's What You Will Get:

-Ultimate WebView Android Studio Source Code
-Bonus: 15 FREE menu icons
-6 months of FREE support
-Unlimited App License (Create unlimited number of App)
-Lifetime FREE code updates
-Instant access

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question):

What Is Unlimited App License:

Unlimited my friend means you can create unlimited number of App using our source code but please note you can't use the source code in a project that will be sold, neither you can redistribute or resold source code "as-is".

What About Refunds:

We offer 30 days money back guarantee, if our Android App source code doesn’t work as described. You can email me within 30 days and our dedicated support team either help you fixing the problem or will give you full refund.

What about support?

The documentation that you will get after purchase is very neatly written step by step. It explain almost everything you need to know about customizing our source code. But if you face any problem, don't worry, you can email us at <support@abhiandroid.com> and team will get back to you within 24 hours(mostly ASAP).

How long do I have access to source code?

You pay once and you have access to source code for life. This also includes all code upgrades and all future App revisions.