Owner/CEO Dashboard in Tally

₹ 2,124

The CEO/Owner dashboard is an add-on which gives the company fundamental data of a company in one glance. This add-on ensures that below company data pointers are available in single screen. Data has a lot of power and it up to us that we extract the best information from it.

Cash & Bank Balances

Cash Flow
Capital & Fixed Assets
Profit & Loss
Purchase & Sales
Stock - Value
Top 5 Customers
Top 5 Suppliers
Top 5 Receivables
Top 5 Payable
Top 5 Items - By Volume
Top 5 Items - By Value
Top 5 Items - Purchase Volume
Top 5 Items - Value
Top 3 Slow-Moving Items
Top 3 Non-Moving Items
Top 3 Over Due Bills (Cr)
Top 3 Over Due Bills (Dr)