Master your Hacking skills| Learn Ethical Hacking & Hardware Hacking | 100 % Practical |Learn from CEH

  • Start Date: May 25, 2020, 3 p.m.
  • End Date: May 31, 2020, 5:30 p.m.
  • Venue: Home Sweet Home
₹ 2,499

Topic:Ethical Hacking
Organised by:Build My Project
Where:Learn from home
Fee:At 5999/- now at only Rs.2499/- (contact for Coupon Code: 8097253346)
Date:6th May- 10th May.2020

About Workshop:Ethical Hacking

The Ethical Hacker Course will teach the students about hacking from an entirely practical stand-point following the principle of Doing and Leering. The practical approach gives the student an in-depth knowledge about the hacking tools and techniques. Apart from the steps of hacking, this course teaches you additionally about the Buffer Overflows, Creating a Virus, DDoS attacks, Intrusion Detection techniques and Social Engineering among others.

Topics covered in Workshop:

Need for Ethical Hacking
Why we need Ethical Hackers?
Types of Ethical Hacking
Steps in Ethical Hacking
Scopes in Hacking
Explanation on DOS & DDOS Attack
How to protect your system from Attacks?
What is Man In The Middle Attack?
What is Evil Twin Attack?
Monitoring data packets using Wireshark
What is Steganography?
Hiding data behind images, PDF's, Audio and Video files
What is Phising?
Introduction to the concepts of Trojans,Worms and Viruses
Introduction to Hardware Hacking
Practical Application of Hardware Hacking
Tools used on Hardware Hacking
From where & how to learn Hacking?

Workshop Benefits and & Highlights:

✓Learn & Interact with Adobe Certified trainers
✓Interact with faculties over 10 years of Experience
✓get to know about HARDWARE HACKING.
✓ Receive an unparalleled education on the art of Software,Hardware Hacking & applications with personal one – on – one attention.
✓ PowerPoint Presentation, Interactive Questions & Answer session & comprehensive material.
✓ Get an international Certificate.
✓ Career Mentorship once you complete our program
✓ Job updates after completion of the program
✓ Project based learning