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Broadband Communication Systems 2015 (B.E. E & TC) contain first three units.

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Contents in brief:
UNIT I: Light wave System Components
Key Elements of Optical Fiber Systems, Optical Fibers as a Communication Channel: Optical Fiber Modes and Configurations , Mode Theory for Circular Waveguides , Single-mode Fibers, Graded-index Fiber Structure, Signal Degradation in Optical Fibers. Optical Sources: Basic Concepts and characteristics of LEDs and LASERs. Photodetectors: Basic Concepts, Common Photodetectors.
UNIT II: Lightwave Systems
System Architectures, Point-to-Point Links: System Considerations, Design Guidelines: Optical Power Budget, Rise Time Budget, Long-Haul Systems.
UNIT III: Multichannel Systems
Overview of WDM, WDM Components: 2 x 2 Fiber Coupler, Optical Isolators and Circulators, Multiplexers and De-multiplexers, Fiber Bragg Grating, FBG applications for multiplexing and De-multiplexing function, Diffraction Gratings, Overview of Optical Amplifiers: SOA, EDFA and RFA in brief.

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