CLATapult's Relay Program (LL.M)

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CLATapult, founded in 2012, was the brainchild of three Undergraduate Program students of NUJS and has since come to be a pioneering name amongst law aspirants across the country. With the number of Aspirants increasing for Post Graduate Entrance Examinations like CLAT(PG), AILET(PG), BHU (LL.M Entrance), ILI (LL.M Entrance), DU (LL.M Entrance) and other equivalent examinations, it is imperative that interested students have access to competent mentors and detailed material to guide them. Till 2020, CLATapult had been curating study materials, worksheets and Mock Tests for the benefit of such students. However, CLATapult has now made these courses more engaging by providing active guidance.
To further that objective, CLATapult has created a set of study material, each module dedicated towards one of the disciplines of law that are covered under the LL.M Entrance Examination Regime.
We Provide;
1. 16 Study Modules covering all the subjects of Law.
2. 30- Full Length Mock Tests
3. 20- Mini Mock Tests
4. Judgement Analysis: All Major Judgements from 2018 onwards
5. 3 Modules containing 100+ Model Answers for the Subjective/Descriptive Segment
6. Write-ups and Worksheets on Recent Legal Developments
The Modules includes Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, Criminal Law (covering both the Indian Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure), Law of Contracts, Law of Torts, Public International Law & Human Rights, Environmental Law, Intellectual Property Laws, Labour Laws, Company Laws, Tax Laws & Administrative Law.
The CLATapult study material is not meant as a substitute for those books, but rather as a supplement, meant to hone the conceptual and analytical ability of a student and help him/her to brush up the more important and relevant aspects of a discipline, thus helping the candidate to ace the examination with relative ease. The Modules are student-friendly and exhaustive. The Question Banks will help the student gauge where he/she stands in terms of preparation.
Any student who subscribes to these study materials should find himself/herself in a much more confident and comfortable zone to answer anything and everything that the LL.M Entrance Exam papers can throw at him/he on the D-Day. As the saying goes, proper preparation and planning prevents poor performance!
We are confident that any student who diligently goes through all these papers and replicates the instructions provided and prepares accordingly, will find the exams fairly easy.
Please Note:
These LL.M Entrance Examinations are expected to become tough in the postgraduate level too, especially since the total number of seats in the LL.M. programs being offered across all the Country in 2019 came to a meagre seven to eight hundred. Taking the expected increase in the number of applicants in 2020 and subsequently in 2021, that means a success rate of less than ten percent!
Several leading public sector undertakings including Navaratna and Maharatna companies like Indian Oil Ltd. and others have been relying on the scores obtained in the CLAT (PG) examination in order to shortlist candidates for recruitment. Of course, in order to be privy to such an opportunity, candidates need to secure the very top ranks in the examination.
The most important factor that can make a difference in this examination is therefore continuous, repeated and regular practice –to the extent that when the candidate faces the final question paper, it seems to him/her to be a mere repetition of the ones he/she has solved before many a time.
Join us and start your journey to success today!