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Self Motivation 111

Ideas _ Quotes _ Resources

Self Motivation is a key life skill and whoever is interested in personal development should think gainfully about it. Self-motivation is a natural workforce and power that drives a person to get things done and succeed.

In this eBook Self-Motivation 111, the Author helps you learn to deal with your goals effectively and muster self-motivation you need to achieve your objectives. This is the essence of personality development, embodies a set of ideas, Quotations and Resources designed to help you reach full potential in your study, work and personal life.

This eBook is a collection of total 111 (One Hundred and Eleven) easy-to-follow practical tips, tools and techniques spread across six sections:

1.Introduction to Motivation & Self Motivation, Inside this eBook, Why to pursue this eBook,
2.Self-Motivation Ideas,

3.Quotation Posters
4.How To Get & Stay Self-Motivated? When You Are...
5.Self Motivated World Champions
6.Things to ask yourself to practice Self Motivation.

About the Author
Suryanarayana SV, Author, and self-publisher out of his intense zeal to offer reading public something useful, thought-provoking and encouraging, has made this humble attempt of writing, compiling and publishing this eBook.

Suryanarayana has an unstinted flair for teaching and training and has been always on the look out for opportunities to serve the needy. Intellectual improvement has been his indispensable and constant goal. As a teaching faculty, training consultant and Career Counselor, Suryanarayana has created and facilitated hundreds of lectures and training programs on a wide range of topics with extensive variety of themes, with a special stylishness for communication or presentation skills trainings.

More details "About The Author" are given inside this eBook.

---Disclaimer of Author & Self Publisher---
This eBook contains information gathered from many sources. Any material which appears to be replication or reproduction or resembling of any available online or offline resources is unintentional and unwitting for which Author urge forgiveness. It is compiled and published for general reference and not as a substitute for independent verification by users when circumstances warrant. The author and self publisher disclaims any personal liability, either directly or indirectly for advice presented within. Although the author has used every care and diligence in the preparation to avoid errors, and made every effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of information contained in this eBook, assume no responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, omissions or any inconsistency herein including the quality of images contained in this eBook. The author grants you the right to print a copy of this eBook for personal use only. This is NOT a free eBook and does NOT come with resell rights. Multiplication of copies or duplication or distribution or any other commercial or pecuniary use of this eBook is prohibited and considered unauthorized. Posting on social media or resells or lease or license or offering our resources to third party is not allowed. This includes uploading our resources to another website and offering our whole or partial resources as a separate attachment to any of your work.

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Updated 31 May 2019