CodeBeat 2018

  • Start Date: Feb. 25, 2018, 4:30 a.m.
  • End Date: Feb. 26, 2018, 12:30 p.m.

About The Event

The most awaited time is over for all students.This time don't miss the chance to explore yourself.This platform will help you to bring yourself up. Create a never ever seen technology from your creative mind and make other feel the upcoming future. Start boosting your brain. Get innovative ideas and come to codebeat to furnish for projects.We know most of students are unaware of new technology.. May be some confused. But don't worry codebeat is waiting for you to brush up your confusions and display you the coming world. Codebeat has work hard for the students to beautify them by stealing the fact and figures of different fields. We give our best to make you understand the way you are capable of catching things. so these are the important things codebeat has brought for you.

1 Ideas and future scope of robotics artificial intelligence and internet best use

  1. Realizing Potential of those technology

  2. Intern opportunity

4 Analyze your capabilities

5.Speech by legends of technology 6.working with smart mentors

7.working with smart mentors

8.projects based on real time

  1. 2 days workshop on most in demanding technology

  2. Hackathon

The Event will also include inspirational speakers talking about market and status of , established venture capitalist, technical games, raffles , stalls by various company’s, food and more . Our organization mission is to connect the makers with end users and investors ,One platform to connect everyone in the market ecosystem . This platform will help people with various business benefit by providing them maximum exposure to their product / service but lime light will be focused on the startups coming down showcase themselves out .

As for the other partcipants they will be exposed to
1. In traction with successful entrepreneurs
2. A platform to expand network
3. Getting media attention
4. Instant funding
5. Mentor-ship and other guidance.