Global Social Entrepreneurship Summit


What problem do you want to solve?

This is a question more and more young people are asking themselves as they consider their learning, the purposes of their lives, and their future careers. We have seen students’ desire to have a meaningful impact on the world. At the Global Social Entrepreneurship Summit, students:

Identify global challenges they want to solve
Learn about social entrepreneurship
Use Design Thinking to design their own social enterprise
Pitch and receive feedback on their enterprise from a panel of experts, investors and social entrepreneurs
Through this Summit, students gather to think about the world and the future as well as create an action plan by asking:

What problems do we want to solve?
What bothers us?
What is unfair in the world?
What is a social problem that remains unresolved?
Students spend three days immersed in design thinking and social entrepreneurship. They have the opportunity to delve into the social problems around them and develop empathy before they jump into creating a potential solution for this challenge.