Curiosity Gym

Coding in Python

₹ 6,000

Python is now recognized world wide as a default programming language for data sciences, predictive analysis, AI, machine learning, computer vision – all fields of the future. In this course students will be exposed to hands-on computer programming using Python. They will be introduced to the concept of algorithms & flow, programming basics, basics of interpreted & compiled languages, programming constructs in a textual interactive coding development environment (IDE).

*How to install Python and write your first program
*Learn fundamentals of programming:
*Flow controllers
*File handling
*Utilize core programming tools such as functions, sorting and loop dictionaries.​
*Create a program for a Calculator
*Make a Rock Paper Scissor game


*Broadband Internet Connection
*Zoom Application downloaded on computer based on OS (click here to download)
*Headphones with mic (optional)

2 days a week: Monday & Thursday
1 hour sessions: 6:00 - 7:00 pm