Internet Of Things Workshop

₹ 28,000

The course introduces advanced concepts and methodologies to design, build, and deploy IoT solutions, and discusses various technologies and protocols used for communication, in IoT- friendly applications and physical-layer protocols.

Participants will gain a thorough understanding of widely accepted IoT frameworks and standards. Typical use cases shall be discussed and the Home Automation use case will be taken up for detailed understanding and prototyping an actual Smart Home using hands wiring
and exposure to coding.

Content covered:
- Introduction to IoT
- IoT Architecture
- How is IoT changing the world?
- Applications and industry verticals
- Characteristics, enabling technologies, and technical scope

Topics covered:
- IoT use cases (health Care, smart cities)
- Hands on exercise using cloud platforms such as Blynk and IFTTT
- Hands on exercise - Build a Voice Controlled Light using Google Assistant
- Fundamental building blocks of home automation
- Introduction to protocols used MQTT and HTTP
- Setting up a typical home automation system - using sensors, and actuators
- Wiring and coding
- Testing/integration/demo

14 sessions of 2 hours each

Age: 13-17 years

Batch 1: 20th May - 4th June 2020 (Monday to Saturday)
Timings: 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Batch 2: 6th July - 21st July 2020 (Monday to Saturday)
Timings: 2:00pm - 4:00pm