Curiosity Gym

Mobile App & Game Development

Min ₹ 7,200

In this course, students will be exposed to the building blocks of an Android application using MIT App Inventor. They will learn to design the user interface of the application and to program the working in the back end. MIT app inventor helps students understand the basic logic behind programming.

The curriculum of this course is designed to teach students how to decompose problems, abstract and modularize, reuse and modify existing solutions and to test them to arrive at a working solution. This will empower students to create, rather than just use technologies in their lives. Students will learn how to make a piano app, a music maker, design a mobile game amongst other applications.

Course Details (Grades 6-8)
Each Session of 1 hour each
Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday (3 days a week)
Timings – 1:30pm to 2:30pm
Starting 22nd June 2020

Program Pre-requisites
*Broadband Internet Connection
*Zoom Application downloaded on computer based on OS  
*Headphones with mic

*Fee Structure
- 36 sessions (3 months): Rs 500 per session (Total course fee cost Rs 18,000)
- 24 sessions (2 months): Rs 550 per session (Total course fee cost Rs 13,200)
- 12 sessions (1 month): Rs 600 per session (Total course fee cost Rs 7,200)

**No refunds in case the student misses a scheduled online session