7 BLOGGING CHALLENGES FOR A SUCCESSFUL BLOG: Without losing your hair! (Blogging in India Book 1)

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Blogging in India is still an unstructured game. But a few stepping stones will make your life easier. These seven Blogging challenges (plus a few extra tips) will help you create a successful Blog without losing your hair! Writing and Blogging challenges are great for polishing your writing skills and give you the patience you need to succeed at it. These challenges are not for the faint hearted and only recommended if you enjoy pushing yourself.
Challenges which changed my Life include:
Half Marathon Daily chatter
My friend Alexa
Daily chatter 30 days
Ultimate Blogging challenge
A to Z with Blogchatter
Blogchatter EBooks
Super Blogger Challenge 2018
Read the book for quick tips about where and when to expect these writing challenges and how to use them to grow your Blog.