जहान-ए-ज़न: Alternative Narratives of Women & Goddesses in Indian Mythology

  • Start Date: March 27, 2021, 6:30 p.m.
  • End Date: March 27, 2021, 9 p.m.
  • Venue: East of Kailash
₹ 800
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All through March, we are celebrating International Women's Day (8th Mar) with Walks/Talks/Cultural Baithaks as part of the “जहान-ए-ज़न – World of Women" Event Series to re-discover stories and re-claim experiences that are an indelible testimony to the impact of women who have helped shape Indian society, in the past and continue to inspire us in the present...So join the fun!


In Indian mythology, stories of women are often the gender stereotypes which typically mirror society; with roles limited to the all-powerful 'Shakti' or 'Devi' or the benevolent mother goddess, the dutiful daughter or righteous wife, or many a times, the sly, evil temptress bent on bringing about the downfall of Gods or men. A small minority of contemporary worshippers admit that holy texts tend to glorify misogynistic and outdated beliefs.
But as the women of today derive strength from their trials, their devotion, their wisdom & competence, and even their form and sensuality, compelling us to celebrate all that women are, as they challenge the injustices & double standards of a patriarchal society, so are interwoven among those cultural mythologies of yore, the lesser known tales of powerful feminine energies...of goddesses and women we don’t worship!

Join DelhiByFoot's special speaker Rituraj Vasant Kumar, a film professional and puppeteer, who loves retelling stories from mythology as we traverse the vast ocean that is Indian mythology, invoking good thoughts & dialogue on "Women and Goddesses in Indian Mythology", from the times of Vedas to the Ramayan till the Adi Guru!

A session of sit-down interactive story session as we weave a narrative around a few extraordinary women who fought for desire, equality and opportunity, to mend what they thought is right for themselves and hence for posterity.
A magical evening that will unfold next to the scenic Delhi icon, the Lotus Temple, as it stands bathed in the golden dusk of a crisp, March evening and shines in the pale white glow of the rising (almost!) full moon!

DATE & TIME: 27th MAR, SAT, 6:30PM-9:00PM
VENUE: 8ByTheLotus, East of Kailash (Once you register, exact address & GPS location will be mailed to you)
CONTRIBUTION: Rs 800/person (incl chai, light packaged Holi-themed snacks also)
*Children below 16yrs are not allowed.

1) COVID-19 SOPs: This event is a curated event and is open exclusively for a limited nos of spots, adhering to Covid19 Physical Distancing norms, so PRIOR BOOKING IS MANDATORY.
2) DRESS CODE: Dress in loose, comfortable clothes, preferably Indian style kurtas/pajamas etc so you could plonk yourself comfortably on the ground as we will have a traditional
baithak-style low seating.
3) LOCATION DETAILS: This is a fellow Dilliwala’s house terrace, that literally overlooks the iconic Lotus Temple! This is the 4th floor of the house and there are no lifts in the building, so please gear up to climb up four flights of stairs!
4) LANGUAGE: Mix of Hindi and English
5) ADMISSION RULES: DBF reserves the right to turn away any person deemed unfit in any way.