Benefits of HTML CSS

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Do you want to learn how to build a website?

Learn HTML and CSS with an extensive course from My ELesson. Our video tutorials with advanced instructions will help you in mastering HTML and CSS. For each lesson we provide a video tutorial with expert instructor who teaches you from step by step. We will teach you how to create a website from scratch. Whether you are totally new to HTML and CSS or have a knowledge about the same but need to be refreshed, our easy-to-use course will assist you with the skills and knowledge required to become an expert user of HTML.

About this Course

With the tutorial we will teach you to build real-world website which are responsive, attractive and professional. The learner will get a guidance about everything they need to know to get started with HTML & CSS. The course will also teach you how to apply styling to a website through CSS.
Our tutorials is for those who are willing to become an expert in designing a fully functional and optimized website. If you want to stand out of the crowd in creating such amazing websites, our web designing tutorial is a perfect platform for you. We will help you learn amazing sticky navigations, jQuery effects and scroll effects. From the tutorial, you will also learn about browser’s development tools and code editors.
The course helps you learn basic tasks that are important to build web applications with a strong semantic structure, re-usable style components and custom interactive features

To get started from this tutorial, you don’t need to have a designing experience. You can have any operating system, whether it is Windows or Linux.

What you'll learn from the course:
1.Basic HTML
2. Advanced HTML
3.Basic CSS Style
4. Basic JavaScript

The Main features of HTML are
1. HTML is used to create webpages.
2. HTML used many tags to make a webpage. So it is a tag based language.
3. The tags of HTML are surrounded by angular bracket.
4. It can use wide ranges of colors,objects and layouts.
5. Very useful for beginners in web designing field.

Advantages of HTML:
1. First advantage it is widely used.
2. Every browser supports HTML language.
3. Easy to learn and use.
4. It is by default in every windows so you don't need to purchase extra software.

Disadvantages of HTML:
1. It can create only static and plain pages so if we need dynamic pages then HTML
is not useful.
2. Need to write lot of code for making simple webpage.
3. Security features are not good in HTML.
4. If we need to write long code for making a webpage then it produces some complexity.

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The details of  Hindi HTML Course are

Chapter      1       Text Editor
Chapter      2       First Webpage
Chapter      3       headers
Chapter      4       Paragraphs and Line Breaks
Chapter      5       Bold Italics
Chapter      6       Adding Links
Chapter      7       Creating a Link Within a Web Page
Chapter      8       Tool Tips
Chapter      9       Adding Images
Chapter      10     Resizing Images
Chapter      11     Tables
Chapter      12     Table Headers
Chapter      13     colspan
Chapter      14     Table width  cellpadding  and cellspacing
Chapter      15     Lists
Chapter      16     Intro to CSS
Chapter      17     Line Spacing
Chapter      18     font weight And font style
Chapter      19     Changing Background Color
Chapter      20     Background Images
Chapter      21     Padding
Chapter      22     Border
Chapter      23     Margin
Chapter      24     Width & Height
Chapter      25     Styling Links
Chapter      26     Styling Tables
Chapter      27     Styling Lists
Chapter      28     Span
Chapter      29     div
Chapter      30     Classes
Chapter      31     ID
Chapter      32     Child Selectors
Chapter      33     Pseudo Elements
Chapter      34     External Style Sheet
Chapter      35     Overriding Styles
Chapter      36     Absolute Positioning
Chapter      37     Relative Positioning
Chapter      38     Fixed Positioning
Chapter      39     Introduction to Forms
Chapter      40     Check Boxes And Radio Buttons
Chapter      41     Drop Down Lists
Chapter      42     Passwords And Upload Buttons
Chapter      43     Submit button
You can buy HTML Course in Hindi from us on ths link

or call 9752003788 to buy HTML HINDI Course.