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Combo of - MS Excel Beginner Course , MS Excel Intermediate Course , MS Excel Advanced Video Course & MS Word Course

This course has been designed for those who want to learn MS Excel completely. After using this course you would be able to use MS Excel like a professional user!

All the videos in this has been categorized in 3 basic categories

• MS Excel Course For Beginners
• MS Excel Course For Intermediate Users
• MS Excel Course For Advanced Users

This course contains a total of 152 videos so that you can “Excel at Excel “ . Each videos has been created you in mind and each video as fun filled as it’s educative. Here’s a break up of the videos

• Beginner Course – 41 videos
• Intermediate – 42 videos
• Advanced course – 69 videos

MS Excel 2007 has been used in the video tutorials and the functions shown in the tutorials would work with higher versions of excel too :)

The Videos in this course are the same which are available on my website and YouTube channel.

The training files for each video are also included in the package.

What will you get from this course

You will get
1. 206+ world class videos
2. All the training files
3. And my love

MS Excel Beginner Course

Chapter 1 Basics Of MS Excel
Chapter 2 Basics Of MS Excel 2
Chapter 3 Calculate Average In Excel
Chapter 4 Calculate Sum In Excel
Chapter 5 Count The Cells Containing Numbers In Excel
Chapter 6 Count The Not Empty Containing Numbers In Excel
Chapter 7 Join Content Of Multiple Cells In One Cell In Excel
Chapter 8 Calculate Running Total In Excel
Chapter 9 Do Addition Of Numbers In Excel
Chapter 10 Do Subtraction Of Numbers In Excel
Chapter 11 Do Division Of Numbers In Excel
Chapter 12 Do Multiplication In Excel
Chapter 13 Calculate Percentage In Excel
Chapter 14 Countblank Cells In Excel
Chapter 15 IF Formula In Excel
Chapter 16 CountIF Formula In Excel
Chapter 17 Vlookup Formula In Excel
Chapter 18 Sumif Formula In Excel
Chapter 19 Hlookup Formula In Excel
Chapter 20 Averageif Formula In Excel
Chapter 21 Pivot Table In Excel
Chapter 22 Insert Comment In Excel
Chapter 23 Edit Comment In Excel
Chapter 24 Delete Comment In Excel
Chapter 25 Create Border In Excel
Chapter 26 Wrap Text In Excel
Chapter 27 Merge Cells In Excel
Chapter 28 Number Formatting In Excel
Chapter 29 Paste Special In Excel
Chapter 30 Sort In Excel
Chapter 31 Convert Columns To Rows In Excel
Chapter 32 Conditional Formatting Cells Rules In Excel
Chapter 33 Conditional Formatting Top Bottom In Excel
Chapter 34 Excel Bar Graph
Chapter 35 Excel Column Graph
Chapter 36 Create Pie Chart In Excel
Chapter 37 Calculate Hour Minute Seconds In Excel
Chapter 38 Use Date In Excel In Excel
Chapter 39 Use Month Function In Excel
Chapter 40 Use Dictionary In Excel
Chapter 41 Use Hyperlink In Excel

MS Excel Intermediate Course

MS Excel ABS Function Chapter 1
MS Excel Sumif Function Chapter 2
MS Excel Hlookup Function Chapter 3
MS Excel Vlookup Function Chapter 4
MS Excel Countif Function Chapter 6
MS Excel AverageIf Function Chapter 7
MS Excel AverageIfs Function Chapter 8
MS Excel AverageA Function Chapter 9
Data Validation With Date Chapter 10
Data Validation With List Chapter 11
Data Validation With Time Chapter 12
Data Validation With Numbers Chapter 13
MS Excel Sumproduct Function Chapter 14
MS Excel Rank Function Chapter 15
MS Excel Min Function Chapter 16
MS Excel Max Function Chapter 17
MS Excel Cell Function Chapter 18
MS Excel N Function Chapter 19
MS Excel Char Function Chapter 20
MS Excel Clean Function Chapter 21
MS Excel Code Function Chapter 22
MS Excel Exact Function Chapter 23
MS Excel Round Function Chapter 24
MS Excel Large Function Chapter 25
MS Excel Mode Function Chapter 26
MS Excel Median Function Chapter 27
MS Excel Vlookup Exact Function Chapter 28
MS Excel Hlookup Exact Function Chapter 29
Remove Duplicates In Excel Chapter 30
Create Random Numbers In Excel Chapter 31
Change Text To Upper Case In Excel Chapter 32
Change Text To Lower Case In Excel Chapter 33
Change Text To Proper Case In Excel Chapter 34
Add Password To Excel File Chapter 35
Send Email From Excel File Chapter 36
Add Custom Background Image In Excel Chapter 37
Zoom In Zoom Out In Excel Chapter 38
Auto Fill Data In Excel Chapter 39
Add Special Characters In Excel Chapter 40
Change Color Of Border Line In Excel Chapter 41
Change Theme In Excel Chapter 42

MS Excel Advanced Course

Chapter 1Multiple Vlookup In Excel
Chapter 3 Vlookup Highest Value In Excel
Chapter 2 Vlookup Lowest Value In Excel
Chapter 4 Vlookup Multiple Results In Excel
Chapter 5 Remove NA Error From Vlookup Results
Chapter 6 Vlookup With MID Formula In Excel
Chapter 7 Or Function In Excel
Chapter 8 And Function In Excel
Chapter 9 Choose Function In Excel
Chapter 10 Indirect Function In Excel
Chapter 11 Replace Function In Excel
Chapter 12 Mid Function In Excel
Chapter 13 Len Function In Excel
Chapter 14 Left Function In Excel
Chapter 15 Find Function In Excel
Chapter 16 Roundup Function In Excel
Chapter 17Ceiling Function In Excel
Chapter 18 Correl Function In Excel
Chapter 19 Forecast Function In Excel
Chapter 20 Frequency Function In Excel
Chapter 21 Subtotal Function In Excel
Chapter 22 Sumifs Function In Excel
Chapter 23 Whatif Analysis Function In Excel
Chapter 24Color A Column With A Formula In Excel
Chapter 25 Color A Row With A Formula In Excel
Chapter 26 Highlight A Cell With Formula
Chapter 27 Isodd Function In Excel
Chapter 28 Isnumber Function In Excel
Chapter 29 Istext Function In Excel
Chapter 30 Islogical Function In Excel
Chapter 31 Isnontext Function In Excel
Chapter 32 Iserror Function In Excel
Chapter 33 Iserr Function In Excel
Chapter 34 Isblank Function In Excel
Chapter 35 Dget Function In Excel
Chapter 36 Dmax Function In Excel
Chapter 37 Dproduct Function In Excel
Chapter 38 Dcounta Function In Excel
Chapter 39Dcount Function In Excel
Chapter 40 Dsum Function In Excel
Chapter 41 Daverage Function In Excel
Chapter 42 Calculate Depreciation In Excel
Chapter 43 SLN Depreciation In Excel
Chapter 44 SYD Depreciation In Excel
Chapter 45 PMT Function In Excel
Chapter 46 Calculate Loan EMI In Excel
Chapter 47 Datedif Function In Excel
Chapter 48 Datevalue Function In Excel
Chapter 49Edate Function In Excel
Chapter 50 Eomonth Function In Excel
Chapter 51 Match Function In Excel
Chapter 52 Match Function Approximate And Exact Match Part 1
Chapter 53 Match Function Approximate And Exact Match Part 2
Chapter 54 Index Function
Chapter 55 Index And Match Function Part 1
Chapter 56 Index And Match Function Part 2
Chapter 57 Index And Match Function Part 3
Chapter 58 Index And Match Function Part 4
Chapter 59 Index And Match Function Part 5
Chapter 60 Index And Match Function Part 6
Chapter 61 Index And Match Function Part 7
Chapter 62 Index And Match Function Part 8
Chapter 63 Index And Match Function Part 9
Chapter 64 Index And Match Function Part 10
Chapter 65 Index And Match Function Part 11
Chapter 66 Lookup Data From 3 Tables In Excel
Chapter 67 Only Select Cells With Comments In Excel
Chapter 68 Hide Formula In Excel
Chapter 69 Insert Serial Number Automatically In Excel

MS Word Course

  1. Learn MS Word for Beginners Entering Text Chapter 1
  2. Learn MS Word Deleting Text Chapter 2
  3. MS Word Splitting and Joining Text Chapter 3
  4. Learn MS Word Undo and Redo Chapter 4
  5. MS Word Find and Replace Chapter 5
  6. Learn MS Word Text Block Chapter 6
  7. Learn MS Word Text Block Chapter 6
  8. Learn MS Word Spell Check Chapter 7
  9. Learn MS Word Check Word Count Chapter 8
  10. MS Word Text Formatting Chapter 10
  11. MS Word Print a Document Chapter 11
  12. MS Word Formatting a Document Chapter 12
  13. MS Word Page Formatting Chapter 13
  14. MS Word Understanding Section Chapter 14
  15. MS Word Create Cover Page Chapter 15
  16. MS Word Creating Headers Chapter 16
  17. MS Word Editing Headers Chapter 17
  18. MS Word Advanced Headers Chapter 18
  19. MS Word Learn To Use Styles Chapter 19
  20. MS Word Creating Formatting Style Chapter 20
  21. MS Word Assign Shortcut Key to Style Chapter 21
  22. MS Word Apply A Theme Chapter 22
  23. MS Word Modifying A Theme Chapter 23
  24. Learn MS Word Create Borders 24
  25. MS Word Edit Borders 25
  26. Learn MS Word Create Page Border 26
  27. Learn MS Word Create Text And Paragraph Border 27
  28. Learn MS Word Creating Tables Chapter 28
  29. MS Word editing Tables Chapter 29
  30. MS Word Design Tables Chapter 30
  31. Learn MS Word Create Bullet Points Chapter 31
  32. Use Format Painter In MS Word In Hindi Chapter 32
  33. Creating Line Numbers In MS Word Hindi Chapter 33
  34. Create Table Of content In MS Word Hindi Chapter 34
  35. Save As Option In MS Word Hindi Chapter 35
  36. View 2 Documents Side By Side In MS Word Hindi Chapter 36
  37. Use Comments In MS Word Hindi Chapter 37
  38. Insert Image In MS Word Hindi Chapter 38
  39. Enter Footnote And Endnote In MS Word Hindi Chapter 39
  40. Insert Shape In MS Word Hindi Chapter 40
  41. Insert Clip Art In MS Word Hindi Chapter 41
  42. Mix Image And Text Hindi In MS Word Chapter 42
  43. Moving Images Hindi In MS Word Chapter 43
  44. Insert Special Characters Hindi In MS Word Chapter 44
  45. Insert Text Box Hindi In MS Word Chapter 45
  46. Insert SmartArt Hindi In MS Word Chapter 46
  47. Handle Multiple Documents Hindi In MS Word Chapter 47
  48. Insert Video Hindi In MS Word Chapter 48
  49. Merge Cells In Google Documents Hindi In MS Word Chapter 49
  50. Convert MSword File To PDF Hindi In MS Word Chapter 50
  51. Convert MSword File To Other Format Hindi In MS Word Chapter 51
  52. Use Comments In MS Word Hindi Chapter 52
  53. Highlight Content Hindi In MS Word Chapter 53
  54. Mail Merge In MS Word Hindi Chapter 54

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