MS Outlook Course

₹ 1,950

Complete MS Outlook 2016 Course with 40+ videos

Adding and Connecting Accounts
• Adding an IMAP or POP account manually
• Sending or receiving email manually

Reading Mail
• Reading mail
• Manage the inbox
• Saving attachments from a message
• Searching mail
• Creating search folders
• Ignoring conversations and flagging as junk
• Using filters and the People pane

Organizing Mail
• Using conditional formatting to change font and color
• Create Folders
• Organizing mail into folders
• Using Quick Steps to process messages
• Using mail rules to process messages
• Cleaning up your mailbox

Creating and Sending Mail
• Creating a new message
• Add attachment to email
• Replying to a message
• Forwarding a message
• Saving a Draft
• Formatting a message
• Creating voting buttons in a message
• Adding signatures
• Sending an out-of-office or autoreply email
• Exploring delivery options
• Creating personal stationery
• Exploring other mail settings

Creating and Working with People
• Navigating the People hub
• Creating a new contact
• Creating a new contact group
• Working with contacts
• Sharing contact data with others

Working with the Calendar
• Navigating the calendar
• Changing the look of the calendar
• Creating an appointment
• Creating a meeting
• Responding to a meeting invitation
• Opening other calendars
• Printing, emailing, and sharing the calendar
• Creating additional calendars
• Setting calendar preferences

Creating Tasks and Notes
• Navigating tasks
• Creating and assigning tasks
• Creating notes

Working with Outlook Data
• Backing up or moving Outlook
• Reusing text by creating Quick Parts
• Setting advanced general Outlook options