Crystal Grid Box Set

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Crystal Grid Set- It includes Eight (8) Crystal Pencils of 2 inches each, One (1) Crytal Pyramid of 1 inch (Clear Quartz), One (1) Symbol Yantra and One (1) Master Crystal Pencil (4 Inches) and a beautifully designed 12x12 Inches Box (Red Velvet Covered).

This crystal grid is used to heal many healing request at a time. Some of the practioners have tried to heal 100 cases at a time in 21 days healing cycle and in 2-3 cycles, 70% of the healing requests have been successful.

The Crystal Grid is a powerful healing instrument where because of position of all the crystals inside the box makes it a very powerful energy grid system which can help healing many healing or goal manifestation requests.

It also includes free instructions and guidance to program/ install it and later to heal it for successful healing.