Exclusive 1 to 1 Coaching (Gold Package- 4 In Person Coaching Session-60 Days)

₹ 20,000

Why personal coaching is so effective?
Watching videos on YouTube, reading a book at home or attending a seminar is great. It can give you results.
But the most effective and fastest way to achieve the results you’re looking for is from 1 to 1 personal coaching.
Benefits of personal coaching:
1. It will save you a fortune of time. Everyone in the audience is different. Just like schools, some of you are in Standard 10 or 11 or 1.
2. You can focus on your job/work/business.
3. The most customize solution provide only for you. One size fits all doesn’t work every time. The advice will be given to you based on your history and your personality.
4. Achieve deep real transformation. As opposite to momentary feel good factor after an event.
5. Gain clarity in relationship and life.
Who is personal coaching for?
To be honest, Personal coaching is not for everyone. It is only for a handful of people who are serious about their life and are willing to invest their precious time, money and energy for creating a new reality for themselves.
Personal coaching is for those people who want to achieve maximum result in the fastest and efficient way possible.
In my 6 years of training and interacting with people I have come to know that people at the beginning need motivation but it's not what actually gives result.
You need discipline and consistent road map to get the result.
That's where personal coaching helps:
1. It gives you accountability.
2. It gives you constant feedback.
This is the ultimate power of personal coaching. I will make sure that you follow through what you have learnt and I'll also guide you where you're going right/wrong so that we can track your path.

The most customized coaching program possible.

Don't spend your hard earned money on things that don't last.

Personal coaching expertise:
1. Emotional coaching (Stress, Depression, anxiety, fear etc.)
2. Relationship coaching
3. Communication coaching (One to one communication and public speaking)
4. Addiction and bad habits coaching

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Why you should take coaching for me?
It is said that “practice makes a man perfect”, but it is not entirely true. “Right practice makes a man perfect.” If you learn a wrong thing from a wrong person you may get perfect in doing things in a wrong way.
Coaching can be really effective if taken from a right person.
Coaching can be really devastating if taken from a wrong person.
I have had 6 years of intensive real life experience of meeting people and helping them to change their limiting patterns and achieve their desired outcomes.
For over a year I have been studying deeply on the subject of relationship and have helped many people especially Men:
1. In claiming their masculinity and power after going through a divorce
2. From being single and introvert to becoming social and starting a new solid relationship with a partner
3. On how to become so attractive and charismatic that people especially women are naturally attracted to you
4. Getting rid of their addiction of watching pornography and enjoying a healthy and intimate relationship

5. In changing their fashion and fitness completely to make you visually appealing