Advanced English Communication Classes Through Email

₹ 199

A link will be shared with you to join the classroom.
Mode: Video lectures shared through Email.

Course Content:

  1. Know Your Areas of Improvements
  2. Audience Analysis & Selection of Contents
  3. Let's Speak For Hours Without Interruptions
  4. Confidence & Authority in Voice
  5. Fluency: Myths, Barriers and Enhancements
  6. Energy Variations & Convincing skills
  7. Sense of Proportion
  8. Voice Modulation & Emotions
  9. Brevity: Precise & Concise Vocabulary
  10. Let's Practice English Speaking with or Without Anyone


  1. One To One Free Counseling
  2. Free Grammar Course Through Email
  3. Professional Email Writing
  4. Ideation Capacity Through Listening & Reading Skills