English HotSpot July 2020

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~ All in one monthly booklet to tackle the English section.

~ English HotSpot July 2020 edition contains a compilation of all the important editorials of July month with RC, Cloze test, error detection, para jumbles, and other grammar questions based on the editorials (with detailed solutions).

~ It also contains a compilation of important Grammar Rules used in the editorial sentences (with plenty of examples)

~ Contains monthly compilation of The Hindu vocab with synonyms and antonyms, monthly compilation of The Hindu Phrasal verbs, and The Hindu Idioms and phrases with English and Hindi meaning.

~ Solving reading comprehension, Cloze test, error detection etc based on The Hindu editorials, is of utmost importance as examiner tends to formulate RC, Cloze test, Para jumbles, etc from editorial articles.

~ There is a 100% guarantee that similar Cloze tests, Reading comprehension, para jumbles, etc will be asked in the upcoming bank and other competitive exams. 

~ It's highly recommended for SSC CGL aspirants as well, it will boost your score in the comprehension, cloze test and para jumbles sections.

~ This magazine (English HotSpot) is believed to be a panacea that can help you fetch high marks in the English section of BANK, SSC and other exams

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