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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Hand written notes for GATE, ESE and PSUs.
This Note will Cover Complete Syllabus of GATE and Engineering Services.
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Each Terms and Concepts are discussed in easy way.
Theory , problem, solution and explanation.
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Contents/Salient Features:
1.Basics of Refrigeration
2. Ideal Refrigeration cycle
3. Vapour Compression Refrigeration Cycle
4. Refrigerant Designation
i.Saturated Hydrocarbon Rfrigerant
ii.Unsaturated Hydrocarbon Refrigerant
iii.Inorganic Refrigerant
5. Cascade Refrigeration
6. Vapour Absorption Refrigeration
7. Reverse Bryton /Bell Coleman Cycle
8. Refrigerant Properties [Details]
9. Air-conditioning
10. Psychrometry
11. Development of Psychrometric Chart
12. Basic Psychrometric Processes
13. 55+ Solved Problem

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