Theory of Machine (TOM) Handwritten Notes For GATE, ESE, PSUs

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Theory of Machine (TOM) Self Explanatory Handwritten Notes For GATE/ESE/PSU-2018
All Concepts are discussed in a very explanatory way. All chapters are deals with Concept+Problem+Solution. After reading these notes you are able to solve Previous Year Paper of GATE/ESE/PSU.
1. Simple Mechanism
2. Velocity Analysis
3. Acceleration Analysis
4. Gear
5. Gear Trains
6. Governor
7. Analysis of Single slider crank mechanism
8. Flywheel
9. Balancing
10. Mechanical Vibration
11. Gyroscope

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Topic wise analysis of Theory of Machine from GATE 2018
Mechanism- 2 Question
Velocity & Acceleration analysis- 2 Question
Gear & Gear Trains- 2 Question
Dynamic Analysis- 1 Question
Vibration Analysis- 3 Question
Cam & Follower- 1 Question