MICRONUTRIENTS MOBILIZING ORGANISMS - Mn – sol (Penicillium citrinum) (1 liter)

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    Manganese (Mn) helps the plant in several ways: assimilation of carbon dioxide, which aids in the synthesis of chlorophyll as well as nitrate assimilation. Manganese activates enzymes which functions in the formation of riboflavin, ascorbic acid, and carotene. Soil with high pH reduces Manganese availability whereas low pH level of soil increases the availability of Mn. Mn-Sol is produced from Penicillium citrinum, a naturally occurring and beneficial fungus. Upon application into the soil, the organism germinates conidiospores, which subsequently form mycelia. The mycelia interact with root exudates for energy metabolism and produce organic acids such as oxalic and citric acids. These metabolites solubilize fixed manganese and manganese oxide. Thus help the plants to uptake the elemental Mn.