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Issue 5 (2016):

This issue deliberates upon the theme of desire. The bouquet of writings speaks of the collective conscience of the Indian queer people and brings to you narratives of desire often not spoken about or even acknowledged in the mainstream consciousness.

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Issue 4 (2015):

This issue contains some thought provoking and engrossing visual stories that reflect the writers’ and artists’ own sensibilities of what is Queer means to them. Vintage and modern, these stories dance across the spectra of the playful and the poignant, the sincere and the subversive, the personal and the political.

This is the first time a graphic anthology of queer narratives has been published in India, and we are super thrilled about it! Graphic narratives make a beautiful balance between the visible and the invisible. They create a kind of call and response in which the artist gives you something to see within the panels, and then gives you something to imagine between those panels. Comics and graphic stories are a powerful tool of storytelling, yet not too many contemporary Indian writers are venturing into this fertile land.

Some stories evoke the experience of travelling to the inner recesses of human mind by employing the stream of consciousness in its account, while some start to see the way one view’s the world, the way life is experienced. And that is where we feel the connection.

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Issue 2 (2013):

In this iteration, the Gaysi Zine is made up entirely of brand spanking new content sourced exclusively from writers across the Gaysi spectrum and through submissions from our reader community. We have excerpts from upcoming books, unique short stories from published authors, movie talk and even graphics. And plenty of naked pictures. Yep. We aim to please.

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