The Gaysi Zine Edition 2 : INR 130 + INR 50 (Shipping)

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In this iteration, the Gaysi Zine is made up entirely of brand spanking new content sourced exclusively from writers across the Gaysi spectrum and through submissions from our reader community. We have excerpts from upcoming books, unique short stories from published authors, movie talk and even graphics. And plenty of naked pictures. Yep. We aim to please.

Truthfully though, there is a dearth of queer magazines in the mainstream and with the Gayzi Zine - we want to fill that odd gap. We've funded it entirely ourselves (Chicklet hasn't eaten for months... and MJ has contributed her Butter Chicken proceeds) and most of the money we aim to obtain through retail goes towards recovering the printing costs of the publication itself and printing more copies of the Zine. And there is a reason for that - See, here is the thing : We want this magazine to go to places - everywhere would be preferable actually, but we mean the far flung corners of India and the world. It could be smuggled across borders in the saddle of an exotic animal and we'd be thrilled. Over the years, we've realised that the online world has its limitations - and it struck us that maybe, just maybe our words weren't reaching everyone. We wanted to change that - and the Zine is our way of getting the Gaysi Family's forte: its writings and words into the most accessible form possible - the material pages of a book. Thus, the Gaysi Zine Second Edition was born!