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Searching for BBA 1st Semester Notes? Then, You have reached the right destination. Get the complete notes of all the BBA 1st semester subjects in PDF form from Glad Tutor.

Glad Tutor is a one-stop search engine for all the management students. I am here to help you excel all the management skills through my management notes, PPTs, E-books, Case Studies, Videos and every other possible way.

Our Notes are designed as per the syllabus of popular business management colleges and universities. The notes which you will see here are also updated from time to time. Before getting the BBA 1st Semester Notes, firstly lets know what subjects you will get.

Subjects in BBA 1st Semester Notes

Conceptual Foundations of Management [worth ₹349]
As the name signifies, this subject works as a foundation for the management students especially the BBA students. It uses a functional framework using the managerial functions such as planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. The main aim of this subject is to facilitate an understanding of concepts, principles and functions of management.

Business Mathematics [worth ₹349]
Smart Managers are good in calculations which helps them in recording and managing the business operations. It is a very important subject for every management student who wants to become a smart manager. If you understand this subject well, you will not only get good marks, but also get your foundations strong in all business operations- marketing, accounting, inventory, management, sales forecasting, financial analysis and more. The main aim of this subject is to familiarize the students with a broad based knowledge of mathematics with focus on business applications.

Fundamentals of Accounting [worth ₹349]
For every business, funds are the key factor and to manage those funds, accounting is really important. The three major elements of accounting are assets, liabilities and capital. Some of the basic accounting terms you learn in this subject are accounting equations, journal, ledger, trial balance, expenditure, revenue, trading account, profit and loss, balance sheet, depreciation and the count goes on. The main aim of this subject is to develop the conceptual understanding of the fundamentals of the financial accounting system.

Fundamentals of Sociology [worth ₹349]
It is also an important subject of BBA 1st semester. Sociology is a subject of human societies. It is a discipline required to map out and explain the constitution of the society. The main aim of this subject is to familiarise the students with the basic concepts and theories of sociology.

Computer Fundamentals [worth ₹349]
Technology is today's need for every business. So, we as a management student should have a good understanding of all the basic computer applications to make our work easier and simpler. The main aim of this subject is to make students understand about the basics of computers and its applications.

Business Economics [worth ₹349]
Business Economics is a branch of knowledge in which various economics theories are used for solving the business problems and determination of business policies. The main aim of this subject is to introduce the basic concepts, analytical tools and theories of business economics.

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Both Practical and Theory Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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