Business Mathematics PDF Notes for BBA, B.COM and MBA Students

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Looking for the Business Mathematics notes? Then, you have landed the right place.

Whether you are BBA 1st sem, BCOM Hons or MBA Student, we got all you covered. Our Business Mathematics Notes are designed according to the syllabus of popular business management colleges and universities.

Before getting the Business Mathematics Lecture Notes, firstly let’s know the topics you will get-

Topics Covered in Business Mathematics Notes

Unit-I Theory of Sets: Meaning, Elements, Types, Presentation and Equality of Sets;
Union, Intersection, Compliment and Difference of Sets; Venn Diagrams;
Cartesian Product of Two Sets; Application of Set Theory.

Unit-II Matrices : Types, Properties, Addition, Multiplication, Transpose and Inverse
of the Matrix. Properties of Determinants; Solution of Simultaneous Linear
Equations; Business Application of Matrices.

Unit-III Indices and Logarithms; Arithmetic, Geometric and Harmonic Progressions
and their Business Applications; Sum of Squares and Cubes of First Natural

Unit-IV Permutations and Combinations; Binomial Theorem

Unit-V Functions: Concept, and Types. Differential and Integral Calculus - An
Introduction; Applications of derivatives

Glad Tutor provides you the complete PDF Notes of Business Mathematics for BBA 1st Year, BCOM and MBA Students.

As mostly you are in the 1st Year of the college now in which the foundation needs to be strong. In the management courses like BBA, B.COM and MBA, students can come from any stream like Commerce, Arts and Non-Medical.

So, Teachers teach in a way thinking that you have already studied these topics in school. That’s why they don’t go in too much detail which creates the problem for the students.

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