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Finding Business Research Methods Notes on the internet? You have landed in the right place. Glad Tutor gives you access to the complete pdf notes of BRM with the previous year question paper and the list of most asked questions in this subject.

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Topics Covered in Business Research Methods Notes

Unit 1: Introduction Business Research: Definition-Types of Business Research. Scientific Investigation: The Language of Research: Concepts, Constructs, Definitions, Variables, Propositions and Hypotheses, Theory and Models. Technology and Business Research: Information needs of Business - Technologies used in Business Research: The Internet, E-mail, Browsers and Websites. Role of Business Research in Managerial Decisions Ethics in Business Research.

Unit 2: The Research Process: Problem Identification: Broad Problem Area-Preliminary Data Gathering. Literature Survey - Online Data Bases Useful for Business Research - Hypothesis Development - Statement of Hypothesis- Procedure for Testing of Hypothesis. The Research Design: Types of Research Designs: Exploratory, Descriptive, Experimental Designs and Case Study -Measurement of Variables- Operational Definitions and Scales-Nominal and Ordinal Scales- Rating Scales- Ranking Scales- Reliability and Validity.

Unit 3: Collection and Analysis of Data Sources of Data-Primary Sources of Data Secondary Sources of Data - Data Collection Methods- Interviews: Structured Interviews and Unstructured Interviews-Face to face and Telephone Interviews. Observational Surveys: Questionnaire Construction: Organizing Questions Structured and Unstructured Questionnaires – Guidelines for Construction of Questionnaires.

Unit 4: Data Analysis: An overview of Descriptive, Associational and Inferential Statistical Measures.

Unit 5: The Research Report: Research Reports-Components-The Title Page-Table of Contents-The Executive Summary-The Introductory Section-The Body of the Report-The Final Part of the Report- Acknowledgements – References-Appendix - Guidelines for Preparing a Good Research report Oral Presentation- Deciding on the Content-Visual Aids-The Presenter-The Presentation and Handling Questions

Introduction to Business Research Methods Lecture Notes

Research is an organized method of trying to find out what you are going to do after you cannot do what you are doing now.
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