Business Statistics-II Notes for B.COM, BBA and MBA Students

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Business Statistics-II Notes Download for B.COM, BBA and MBA

Get the Overall Notes of Businees Statistics-II for B.COM, BBA, MBA and other Management Students. It includes both Theory Part and Solved Practical Questions. These are the Handmade Notes prepared by us compiled from the Popular Statistics Books Examples, Teacher's advice and also updated according to the Popular Management Colleges Syllabus.

So, Let's check the Topics of the Notes which You will get-
• Probability- Basic Concepts, Approaches-
Classical, Relative Frequency and Subjective Approach
• Addition and Multiplication Theorem, Conditional Probability, Law of Total Probability, Bayes Theorem.
• Probability Distribution- Meaning and Types, Characterstics and Application of Binomial, Normal and Poisson Distribution.
• Sampling- Need, Significance and Methods of Sampling, Sampling and Non-Sampling Errors.
• Law of Large Numbers, Central Limit Therorem, Large and Small Probability Distribution.
• Statistical Estimation: Estimates and Estimators, Point and Interval Estimation of Population Mean, Proprortion and Variance.
• Statistical Testing: Hypothesis and Errors, Large and Small Sample Tests- z test, F test, t test.
• Non-Parametric Tests: Chi-Square Tests of Goodness of Fit, Independence and Homeginity.
•Test of Equality of several Population Proportions- Sign Test, Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test, Wald Wolfowitz Test, Kruskal Wallis H Test.
• Role of Statistics in Quality Management: Introduction and Significance.
• Statistical Quality Control: Quality Control Charts for Variable, for attributes, Acceptance Sampling.

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