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Searching for Consumer Behaviour Notes? Your complex search ends here. No matter whether you are a BBA, BCOM or MBA student, our notes are designed for everyone.

Our notes are designed as per the syllabus of popular management colleges and universities.

The objective of our consumer behaviour notes is -
To make you understand the conceptual foundations of consumer buying behaviour.
To create awareness of all consumer behaviour theories.
To familiarise you with the communication and consumer decision-making process

Topics Covered in Consumer Behaviour Notes

Unit-1: Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Action - Overview, Consumer involvement - Decision-making processes - Purchase Behaviour and Marketing Implications - Consumer Behaviour Models

Unit-2: Environmental influences on Consumer Behaviour - Cultural influences - Social class - Reference groups and family influences - Opinion leadership and the diffusion of innovations - Marketing implications of the above influences.

Unit-3: Consumer buying behaviour - Marketing implications - Consumer perceptions – Learning and attitudes - Motivation and personality – Psychographics - Values and Lifestyles, Click-o-graphic

Unit-4: Strategic marketing applications - Market segmentation strategies - Positioning strategies for existing and new products, Re-positioning, Perceptual Mapping - Marketing communication - Store choice and shopping behaviour - In-Store stimuli, store image and loyalty - Consumerism - Consumer rights and Marketers’ responsibilities.

Unit-5: The Global Consumer Behaviour and Online buying behaviour - Consumer buying habits and perceptions of emerging non-store choices - Research and applications of consumer responses to direct marketing approaches - Issues of privacy and ethics

Introduction to Consumer Behaviour Notes

Consumer Behaviour plays a very important role for every commerce and management students. We should know what are the types of decisions customer take while buying any product or service, different types of influences in their buying behaviour and a lot more.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Ans- Yes, for sure. If you learn from our notes, then you don’t need to read any other book. You will learn even extra from us

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