Cost Accounting Notes for B.COM, BBA and MBA Students PDF

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Get the Complete Cost Accounting Notes for B.COM, BBA and MBA Students.

These Notes are handmade notes prepared according to the syllabus of the Popular Management Colleges of India.

Unit-1 Cost Accounting- Meaning, Definition, Objectives, Advantages, Disadvantages, Difference between Cost Accounting and Financial Accounting, Installation of a Costing System, Methods and Techniques of Cost Accounting.

Unit-2 Cost Units and Cost Centers, Elements and Classification of Cost, Cost Sheet and Components of Total Cost.

Unit-3- Material Control- Meaning, Need, Purchasing and Function of Purchase Department, Purchase Procedure, Stores Control: Minimum Level, Maximum Level, Safety Level, EOQ, Material Records, Stores Ledger, Perpetual Inventory System, Continuous Stock Taking.

Unit-4 Labour Cost, System of Wage Payment- Time Wage System and Piece Rate System, Premium and Bonus Plans, Marginal Costing: Meaning, Characteristics, Merits and Limitations.

Unit-5 Overheads: Introduction, Classification, Codification, Source of Collection, Departmentalization, Allocation and Apportionment, Job and Batch Costing, Process Costing.

Unit-6 Contract Costing- Reconciliation of Cost and Financial Accounts, Cost Audit and Cost Reduction.