Foundations of Management Notes for BBA, B.COM and MBA Students

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Glad Tutor provides you the complete notes of fundamentals of management subject for BBA, B.COM and MBA Students. According to me, A Management student must have a clear concept of the fundamentals of management, their principles, how it evolves and how it functions.

So many students even after completing the management degree didn't get the foundations right. But If Your foundation will not be correct, then how you will excel in this field.

That's why, I have taken a step to make your foundation strong through the fundamentals of Management Notes.

Along with the Notes, you will get the previous question papers of the same subject. Also, You will get the Important questions asked in this subject.

The actual price of only notes is Rs.499 and the price of previous question papers and important questions is Rs.199 which totally costs Rs.700.

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Whether You are in B.COM, BBA 1st Sem or MBA, we got you covered. Our Fundamentals of Management Notes are designed according to all popular business management colleges and universities.

From our notes, you will get a complete understanding of all management concepts, its evolution and functions- planning, organizing, staffing and controlling.

Before getting the fundamentals of management lecture notes, firstly let's know the topics you will get.

Topics Covered in Fundamentals of Management Notes

Unit-I : Nature, Scope and Significance of Management; Process of Management;
Management as an Art, Science and Profession; Management and Administration; Role of Managers; Principles of Management; Levels of Management.

Unit-II : Evolution of Management Thought : Classical, Neoclassical and Contingency;
Contemporary Management Thinkers : Peter F. Drucker, Michael Porter and C. K. Prahlad.

Unit-III : Planning : Meaning and Importance of Planning; Planning Process; Making Planning Effective; Types of Plans; Decision Making : Concept, Nature, Types of Decision, Process and Techniques, Creativity in Decision Making, Management by Objectives.

Unit-IV : Organizing – Nature, Importance, Process and Principles of Organizing Departmentation, Decentralization, Centralization, Delegation, Authority and
Responsibility Relationship - Line, Staff and Functional; Formal vs. Informal Organizations. Directing: Concept, Nature and Importance

Unit-V : Motivation: Concept and Significance, Theory X and Theory Y, Maslow’s Theory of Motivation. Leadership: Meaning, Importance and Characteristics of a Good Leader, Control: Nature, Process and Significance, Control Methods: Pre-action Control, Steering Control and Post-action Control, Control Techniques.