40 Steps to Reverse Diabetes Edition 1.3

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This is not a theoritical book which you can read one time and forget.
It will relate to your real life and give you practical solutions which can be easily implemented.
all things .
There are various suprising insights like how eating food with guilt , time you sleep, relationship with your partner, work at office & how living in apratments effects your diabetes
and what to do about it.
Few steps from the book.
13. Step#13-Chromium deficiency in Diabetics
14. Step #14- Glycemic index and Glycemic load.
15. STEP#15: Understanding Emotional vs physical hunger
16. STEP #16: Understanding the Root cause of diabetes
17. STEP #17: Understanding power of simple habits.
18. Step#18: How to know if I can quit blood sugar medication?
19. Step#19 : Vitamin deficiencies and blood sugar levels !
20. Step#20 : Vitamin B12 & Diabetic neuropathy.
21. Step#21 : Relation between different minerals and Diabetes !
22. Step #22 : What time should you wakeup & Why?

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