Bootstrap Course

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Why should you consider learning Boostrap?

✓ Bootstrap allows you to create attractive responsive websites for clients.
✓ It is a free and open-source CSS framework directed at responsive front-end web development.
✓ It carries CSS and JavaScript-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation, and other components.
✓ It is a front-end framework utilized to create modern websites and web apps.

Course Overview

1) Introduction to CDN and Bootstrap files.
2) Learning of Utilities, container & Container-fluid, responsive bootstrap grid & grid style.
3) Utilization of text & typo, colors, responsive table, classes, cards, navs & carousel, form, tooltips, and scroll spy.

👉 24x7 Access: You can access this course at any time based on your convenience.
👉 Qualified Trainer: Learn from the industry experts.
👉 Practical Assignment: Practical assignments after every topic completion.
👉 Certification: Once you complete your course, you will receive the course completion certification.