C and C++ Programming Language

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Why should you consider learning a programming language?

✓ Today’s world is digital and in any field, IT technologies are used.
✓ Today, if you want to succeed you must build your personal brand as well as a professional brand digitally. Therefore you must have minimum knowledge of basic coding done with the help of programming language.
✓ If you plan to pursue a career in coding/programming, then you must seriously consider learning the ‘C’ and ‘C++’ languages. No other programming language will train your brain to think like a software programmer/developer the way C and C++ do.
✓ Do you know, many IT graduates lack their programming skills due to unclear basic concepts. Learning C and C++ language at the initial stage make your basic concepts very strong.

Which is the best programming language you should prefer to learn to acquire basic programming skills?

👉 The answer is you must prefer to learn the C and C++ programming language.
👉 C is a procedural programming language while C++ is a superset of C and has Object-Oriented programming features.
👉 If you have a clear understanding and command over C and C++ language then you can easily become the best developer in any language due clear understanding of basic concepts of programming thoroughly.
👉 If one has a knowledge of C and C++ programming language understanding and maintaining required IT Softwares, tools and building online presence becomes easy.
👉 Learning C and C++ language will train your brain to think logically and deeply, which helps improve Intelligence Quotient and also builds on decision-making capabilities.

Usage of C/C++ compared to other programming languages:

✓ Companies that build complex software products prefer C/C++ programmers to others as these are the languages used for building the foundations of complex software products.
✓ They are used to create many of the things you use on your devices such as the Operating Systems, image editors & web browsers. In fact, no modern computer on Planet Earth can function without C.
✓ They are also used in graphics rendering, game engines, hardware drivers, web servers, routing devices, embedded systems & processing-intensive programs.
✓ Other programming languages lack the speeds and low-level data management flexibility that these two languages provide.
✓ Individuals with expertise in C++ programming find learning new programming languages and technologies easier.