Coding with PHP and MySQL

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Why should you consider learning Boostrap?

✓ In this online course, the learners will gain proficiency in PHP language and MySQL database management system.
✓ The course specializes in providing an in-depth understanding of PHP and MySQL to learners with respect to creating real-world websites and applications that match the industry standards of today’s business solutions.
✓ PHP and MySQL course are designed to make learners an expert in advanced PHP concepts and MySQL databases. It is a course best for learning PHP and MySQL coding.
✓ This course is aimed at increasing knowledge of pursuing programmers or computer coders and also assisting them on how to logically work while creating a connection between the web interface and the back-end to acquire the best outcome.

Course Overview

1) Mastery in making dynamic web pages with PHP coding techniques.
2) Reinforce your learning in web interface and back-end programming.
3) Get access to learning insights of today’s coding industry standards.
4) Enhance coding concepts through the guidance of certified professionals.
5) Follow the career track to becoming a genuine coder/programmer.

👉 24x7 Access: You can access this course at any time based on your convenience.
👉 Qualified Trainer: Learn from the industry experts.
👉 Practical Assignment: Practical assignments after every topic completion.
👉 Certification: Once you complete your course, you will receive the course completion certification.