CS/IT Mastery Hour for 11th and 12th Science Students

₹ 999

Attention! 12th CS/IT Students !!!

If you are a 12th Science student and If I tell you that you can increase your overall percentage by scoring in just 1 subject.

And that subject is Computer Science (CS) / Information Technology (IT).

Many students only concentrate on PCMB and don’t give a lot of time for Computer Science or Information Technology. Even If you scored decent marks in your subjects but if you would have scored more in Computer Science or in Information Technology your overall percentage would have increased.

I have found out that all they need is to understand each complicated topic practically and progressively in just 60 minutes a day using which any 12th-grade student can master CS / IT without leaving their home and even if they have never scored 180+ in Grade 11 once.

In this ‘CS/IT Master Class' you will understand the concept of Computer Science/ IT to increase your overall performance.


-> How to use ‘The Study Triangle’ and 6 execution steps to come in the Top 1% of Computer Science/ IT students and double your confidence to score 180+ marks in Computer Science and 90+ marks in IT.
-> Unlock strategy to complete learning in just 60 minutes/day without leaving your home in 30 days.
-> How to plan ‘CS/IT MASTERY HOUR’ to become a super student with a Mastery in all concepts including C and C++ Programming Skills.