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Ever wondered what is the easiest and fastest way to master an IT subject and score 90%+ in your Final 12th Board Exam in IT? 😨

After working with 1000+ students and helping them score 90%+ in CS and IT subjects, I have found out that all they need is to understand each complicated topic in a practical and progressive way in just 60 minutes a day using which any 12th-grade student can master Computer Science or IT without leaving their home and even if they have never scored 90%+ in Grade 11 once.

Why should you consider learning Information Technology subject online?

✅ Your main focus is on PCM (CET) or PCMB (NEET) as you need to score high percentages in 12th boards as well as entrance exams. Therefore unknowingly CS or IT subjects are ignored and your concepts remain unclear.
✅ Due to the lack of focus your concepts of programming remain weak, which leads to a lack of understanding of the subject.
✅ You can't take out additional time to go for offline IT classes due to hectic schedules.
✅ If you plan to score a high percentage in 12th boards, then you must seriously consider learning the CS/IT subject online so that you can study these subjects as per your time schedule and score 90%+ in the CS/IT subject.
✅ Learning these subjects gives you the opportunity to learn the C++ programming language and will train your brain to think like a software programmer.
✅ After 12th if you choose to engineer then you are ready with programming concepts as this curriculum is covered in one of the subjects in the first year.
✅ Today’s world is digital and in any field, IT technologies are used. Therefore you must have minimum knowledge of basic coding done with the help of programming languages.
✅ Individuals with expertise in C++ programming find learning new programming languages and technologies easier.

Benefits of our Online12th Information Technology (IT) Mastery Course

✓ No need to leave your home. You will save traveling time and the same you can utilize to do the practice.
✓ Every concept is explained with practical examples and assignments are added for each topic.
✓ Journal Assignments are also included in the course.
✓ No need to go for coaching classes.
✓ No need to worry about hectic schedules.
✓ You can sign up online and have access to the course.
✓ You can learn through the implementation step by step.
✓ You can master any difficult topic by understanding it again and again.
✓ You will get many bonuses.
✓ You will get this course at an affordable cost (~75% OFF).

Bonus you will get if you join this program

🎁 11th Standard important curriculum will be covered to build the base (value of Rs. 2999/-).
🎁 PRIVATE Facebook Group (value of Rs. 299/-).
🎁 PRIVATE Whatsapp Group (value of Rs. 299/-).
🎁 Chapter-wise question bank (from past board papers) with the solution for practice (value of Rs. 999/-).
🎁 Live review and doubt clearing sessions (value of Rs. 1999/-).
🎁 Chapter-wise additional program solutions for practice (value of Rs. 999/-).
🎁 Chapter-wise viva question bank with answers (value of Rs. 1499/-).
🎁 Regular progress review call with each student (value of Rs. 499/-).
🎁 Regular Test as per Board Pattern (value of Rs. 1999/-).
🎁 Free MS-Office course (value of Rs. 3999/-).

The total cost of Bonus Kit + Bumper Bonus is Rs. 15590/-

Enrol Now! To Get these Bonus at absolutely Free of Cost.

For pursuing knowledge you must consider this online course to get trained in Information Technology subject, designed and taught by 21 years experienced faculty Surekha Bhosale and assistant faculty Priyanka Kambale.

Hrishi Computer Education is one of the top institutes in the Mumbai north region offering different skill courses online.

Benefits of Joining Online Course

👉 I do have offline training institutes where I have taught more than 5000+ students which has produced amazing results. This experience will be shared to you as per your convenience in the online course.
👉 You will get lifetime access to the course once you sign up.
👉 If you have any doubts, you can ask in a special group and you will get live doubt clearing support.
👉 This online course is available at an affordable price from an experienced faculty. (Almost at just 25% cost of offline classes).
👉 You will get a free career guidance session to plan your career path in the right way.
👉 Many students who want to go for offline training also prefer this course online as it is at very low cost and time constraint, traveling constraints are eliminated.

So it's your choice.

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I've made these tutorials from my 19+ years of experience of training. I also run an offline institute as well as a Software Development Company.

You can view my detailed profile at this link: Prof. Surekha Bhosale

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12th Information Technology (IT) Mastery for Science Students in just Rs. 2499/-

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What You Will Learn

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