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Students and Working Professionals,

Do you know which is the most important and powerful skill needed in industries today?

It’s having knowledge of MS-CIT.

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MS-CIT Details Course

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Why should one have detailed knowledge of MS-CIT ?

✅ Ever since its launch, the MS-CIT computer course has been the most popular Computer Basics course in Maharashtra.
✅ Since its inception, more than 95 lakh residents of Maharashtra have successfully completed this course and become computer-literate.
✅ Computer and Internet have become essential for survival and growth in the Society and for advancement in the career path.
✅ The course covers the various basic concepts and helpful applications of Information Technology in everyday life.
✅ It gives confidence and makes you versatile users of Information Technology.
✅ It creates a positive impact on your job-readiness, social behavior, and boosts the self-confidence.

Benefits of learning MS-CIT

👉 Give the more productive output in less time.
👉 Get access to practical aspects of the business with more clarity.
👉 Beautifully illustrated notes for learning and understanding computer concepts.
👉 Training facilitated by certified professionals and highly-competent teaching faculty.
👉 E-Learning material from MKCL's eLearning Revolution for All (ERA) for self-learning assignments.
👉 Understand how to automate entire workflow by using concepts of Computer.
👉 Get Government Certificate after course completion.
👉 Get increased value as an employee.