ABHIYAN 2022-Prelim & Mains Advance Learning Programme (ALP)

₹ 599

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Key Features of the ABHIYAN-2022
1. Standard Notes for Prelims & Mains (NCERT & Standard Book Summary Notes)
2. Current Affairs Digest (May 2020-May 2022)
3. Mock Test Series-2022
4. Facts & Figures for Mains
5. Quotes for Mains
6. Section wise Current Affairs Modules
7. Prelims inShots & Prelims inFocus
8. Case Studies etc.


  1. ABHIYAN 2022 is for the individual only. In case a student (s) is/are found /involved in any violation of copyrights of test series/standard notes/current affairs, the admission to the programme will stand automatically cancelled.

  2. Delivery Policies: The compilations will be provided through PDF form only and will be sent to your subscribed mail id (Email address is very important as we operate through email communication only. So please enter your correct email address/id at the time of registration/subscription). If you have misspelled or mistakenly given wrong email id/address, no need to worry, please send us an your correct/alternative email id at for update at our level. In no case the same will be provided through hard copy.

  3. After successful subscription, sent us your Transaction ID /Personal details at <info.iasabhiyan@gmail.com> for taking necessary steps at this end.

  4. Fee once paid is non-refundable and non-transferable in all circumstances. As these are completely digital goods, once paid there will be no refunds possible. We appreciate your understanding.

  5. IAS Abhiyan reserves all rights to make any changes in schedule, if need so arises.

  6. IAS Abhiyan reserves all rights related to admission of Prelim-cum-Mains Advance Learning Programme 2022. After successful subscription wait for our confirmation. Within 48-72 hours of your subscription we will give you a confirmation message. 

  7. If you have not received any confirmation emails/message from IAS Abhiyan Team, no need to worry, we will definitely send the above mentioned PDFs to your registered email id within the scheduled hours.

  8. All Payment options like Debit cards /Credit cards /NEFT, UPI and lot more are available for easy payment gateway and all payments are highly secured.

  9. Its a kind request to not to create any case (Like Confirmation mail/Materials not received /downloaded etc.) at Instamojo.  It takes lot of time for settlement of payments once a case has been created. As the materials will be delivered to your mail id within 24-72 hours of your subscription, it is not downloadable at the time of Subscription.

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